Dear Appa

In exactly 20 days, I will get married. As a young girl, there have been many times when I imagined how my wedding would be like. I dreamt about the sort of man I would marry, about the place I would get married in, the clothes I would wear, and so and so forth. Up until I turned 17, the one thing that remained constant in all of these scenarios would be the fact that you would be there, by my side, through it all.

I imagine you would have frowned when you first found out I had a boyfriend, and then subject him to the deepest of scrutiny to see if he was good enough for your daughter, before you finally gave us your blessings.

I imagine you would have loved Naren. He is so much like you, its almost unbelievable. He looks like a grumpy bear, but has the softest of hearts. He is kind. He is compassionate. He has such a bad temper (which is fine by me, because I inherited a far worse temper from you). He hates to perspire and is happiest standing in front of a large industrial fan. He loves home-cooked food. He has a wicked sense of humor. When he laughs, it is the heartiest of laughters. And most importantly, he loves me so much, almost as much as you did. It is almost as though you felt really bad that you couldn’t be here to take care of and protect me, and that you wont be there should I need someone to run to, so you decided to send me a man exactly like you, one who would take care of me better than you would, and one from whom I don’t need to run away from.

The wedding will not be the best it could ever be, nor the happiest, because you wont be there with our family, but I will get married with a peace of mind, knowing that you will be with us in spirit, that you would have loved my husband to be, and that your blessings will always be with us.


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