Congratulations to the People’s Action Party for getting a ‪#‎strongmandate‬to govern Singapore for the next 50 years and im glad you feel ‪#‎humbled‬. Your campaign period for GE2020 effectively starts today. So here is my wish list for the new government.

They need to revive the Kampung spirit in Singapore. How is it that Singaporeans, who hate crowds, go to WP rallies by the hordes and scream and cheer for WP politicians like they are rock stars? One of the main reasons why WP has managed to garner so much support is because they are able to identify with the struggles of Singaporeans. They are very active on the ground, have very strong relationships with the members of their constituencies and are able to rally the patriot in Singaporeans. Many PAP MPs are already starting to do this. Lily Neo and Sitoh Yih Pin are fine examples. More of your MPs need to be more compassionate and realise that not every Singaporean has a car, let alone 2 cars, or that they collect newspapers as a hobby.

When I did my elections duty yesterday, I saw so many elderly. They could barely walk, and in many cases, were too weak to even stand for more than a few seconds, and yet they were determined to have a voice and judging by the results for Nee Soon GRC, most of them voted for PAP. It was heartbreaking to see them struggle, and many of them were alone. Take better care of them. Give them more. Some areas need more social spending, it is inevitable.

Slow down the influx of foreigners, please. I hear more complains from foreigners about how hard it is for them to find jobs here because now priority goes to Singaporeans. We don’t want such a situation either. Why bring them in if they cannot be gainfully employed? I wouldn’t want to be in such a situation should I migrate overseas. Take a breather, stop and take stock. Our economy might need foreigners to survive, but if our country cannot cope with the size of that growing population, we need to look for other options. The country is too damn overcrowded.

Come GE2020, let us not have GRCs. Many of your MPs are capable of standing on their own, and winning. Tin Pei Ling is a very inspiring example of how hard work and sincerity can completely swing public opinion. All those who kept bringing up the Kate Spade incident in GE2015 as a reason for her not to win must feel like complete idiots. People wanted her to stand on her own merit, and not hide behind a GRC. She did, and she aced it. Give your MPs more credit and give them the satisfaction of having won the hearts of voters on their own strength. Won’t it also give them more incentive to repay the faith of their constituents because they know they voted for THEM instead of their team mates?

Come GE2020, no longer talk about what your opposition has done wrong. That 50% of Singaporeans in Aljunied still voted for WP shows that they do not care if the town council funds were misused. There are other more pressing deep-seated issues that they care more about. So sort that out. Treat all town councils the same. Give them and Hougang the exact same privileges that residents of other town councils enjoy, because at the end of the day, whether they voted for PAP or WP, they are all Singaporeans who are entitled to get back their tax dollars in the form of more comfortable standards of living.

And to everyone who has been going on and on about how Singaporeans who voted for PAP are losers, are cowards, and deserve to suffer, let me ask you something.

In 2011, when Lee Kuan Yew said residents of Aljunied will repent if they vote for Worker’s Party, people went ballistic. How different are YOU from him in this instance? Why the hell should I suffer for having voted for PAP? Or why the hell should I no longer complain, because I voted for PAP? You are SO bitter and angry with Singaporeans for not voting for the opposition. Isn’t that against the very ideal of democracy you claim to strive for? Just as you have EVERY right in the world to vote for the opposition, those who would like PAP to govern their country have every right to vote for them too. That does not mean that we are irrational, or any of the other horrid adjectives that you choose to throw at us. We don’t vote for PAP because we blindly support them. We vote for them because we feel that they are the best choice available to us at this moment. Why make it sound like only opposition supporters care about how Singapore turns out? At the end of the day, we all want the best for Singapore. We just have very different ideas of how that can be achieved.

So here is hoping we make it to SG100, together.

Also, ‪#‎TharmanforPM‬


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