.Of Gratitude

We all have flaws. Sometimes, I think I have far too many of them.

I am incredibly hot-tempered. It takes me approximately 1.5 seconds to go from smiling to wanting smash something. Unfortunately, it is often my loved ones who ending up bearing the brunt of my anger.

I can be really grumpy and when I am having an extremely bad day, anything and everything makes me want to snap.

I can be really unreasonable sometimes, and have unfair or misplaced expectations of my loved ones.

I am sometimes rude, and mean.

I am sometimes not very accepting of differences and it takes me more than a while to get used to the fact that not everyone does things the same way.

I sometimes hold grudges.

I can be a complete scatterbrain and pull the stupidest stunts.

But somehow, somewhere along the line, I must have done something right, because I managed to find someone who is willing to accept me despite all of the above, who is willing to work with me through my flaws, and is so patient with me.

I am not writing this post so that my loved ones can reassure me that I am not as bad as I make myself out to be, because no one knows us better than ourselves. Only we are privy to our honest, raw, emotions and only we know the difference between our private selves and public selves. Rather, this is written so that I can, in some way, express my gratitude to the one person, who could have chosen to avoid all of these, and yet chose to stay. (Also, it is written as a reminder of how wonderful he is so that 1 year down the road, when he forgets to wash the dishes for the millionth time, I wont set him on fire)

So you, thank you for being the best friend, boyfriend, and now fiance, that a girl could possibly help. You are far more than I deserve 🙂



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