My Dream Wedding

I havent really spent much time thinking about the sort of wedding I want, simply because I didnt see much point in thinking about it till I was sure it was going to happen.

Now that I have been thrown head first into a whirlwind of wedding preparations, I have spent many evenings thinking about how I really want my wedding to be, and I ended up drawing inspiration from many of the amazing weddings I have attended over the years.


I really really want a sanithi wedding i.e. a wedding within the temple itself. Im undeniably very rooted to my religion and nothing would make me happier than starting my married life together with Naren infront of my favourite Dhurgai Amman. Though I know that Her presence is everywhere, regardless of where I choose to get married, I have spent many evenings sitting infront of her when I have been down, and I reckon, I should be there infront of her when I am at my happiest too.

This though, would mean many sacrifices. If we had chosen to get married in a beautiful, large hall, I would have the luxury of inviting all the wonderful people in my life, and sometimes I think thats what weddings should really be about, having everyone who has good wishes and positive thoughts for you around you on your special day. However, weddings can also be small, intimate, with only your nearest and dearest around you.


I want atleast some part of my wedding to take place by the sea. I have had a long standing love affair with the sea and all my holidays are planned with trips to the beach/sea in mind, and most of my happiest memories are by the sea. If I could, I would celebrate EVERYTHING by the sea, let alone my wedding. Im so lucky that Naren likes the idea too, so that’s one battle I didnt have to fight.


I want a DIY wedding as far as possible. I probably would not want to get into Bridezilla mode (not sure how much control I have over that) but I definitely want to do as many things as possible on my own. DIY is therapeutic for me and calms me down. It also allows me to actualise my ideas or replicate that of others at a minimal cost.

I think at the end of it, above all, I want a wedding, that will ultimately not overshadow my marriage. I want a wedding which both myself and Naren are happy and comfortable with, one that shows our loved ones how grateful we are for their presence in our lives and one that would not sap us so much financially that we struggle to start our life together in peace.

And on the days when I am stressing myself over wedding prep, this is how i reassure myself.



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