A Ring on the Rocks

My Story

Last month, on the 23rd of April, Naren celebrated his Birthday. It was a special day on so many counts. It was his 30th Birthday, and the first birthday we were going to celebrate together as a couple. I wanted to do something really really special for him and spent the longest time going crazy thinking of ideas.

Finally, I decided to ask his friend, G for help.  So G shared that Naren has ALWAYS dreamt of going to Banyan Tree in Bintan, and really wanted to bring me there, but knew it wont happen because my mom would NEVER allow us to travel alone before we got married.

I googled pictures of Banyan tree. It was so gorgeous and within budget. I also decided to make it a group trip so that my mom would be ok with it too. It was a top secret plan and Naren had absolutely no idea that this was his birthday surprise.

I especially was careful to remind G not to tell Naren anything, for one reason in particular. See, many months ago, when we first got together, we were talking about proposals and I mentioned to him that I have always wanted to get proposed to overseas, in a quiet, secluded place by the sea. I dint think of it as a hint because it was never going to happen (my mom).

I didnt want him to know about Bintan early, and feel pressured to get a ring and propose. G kept assuring me that he would never tell, and even convinced me that it was ok to tell Naren only the day before we set off for Bintan.

I spent so many days taunting him, trying to make him guess his birthday plans and scoffing at his guesses.

Finally, his birthday came, and after nearly a month of almost wanting die from excitement, I told him about Bintan. He was so shocked and surprised that I was convinced I was the master of secret keeping! I mean, its hard keeping secrets from a smart and snoopy man you know?

Banyan Tree lived up to its promise and it was so hard to believe that paradise was just a short ferry ride away from our sunny shores.

The service was impeccable, and they, as requested, hid in Naren’s room with a cake for him!




Unfortunately, we had to cut that trip short (we had to leave in a couple of hours after we reached there) for personal reasons, and Naren was SO distraught. It was an unavoidable situation though and we had to come back.

I fully intended to bring him back some day, especially since Banyan Tree was so kind enough to refund the full amount, and I really wanted him to have his stay there.

Naren was adamant on returning as soon as possible, and we settled on the weekend of 23rd to 24th May. However, Banyan was fully booked for that weekend and Naren insisted that we at least go there for dinner on the 22nd. I was so puzzled, because who goes all the way to Bintan for dinner? He convinced me that he just wanted the experience of being in Banyan tree with me for a while, and that we didnt have to stay there to get the experience.

The birthday boy should get what the birthday boy wants right? 🙂

We went ahead to get ferry tickets and Naren came to pick me up from work. My first surprise was this.


My favourite flowers and chocolates! Being the gentleman he is, he even got my mom another box of chocolates.

We reached Banyan Tree at around 5, much earlier than dinner time, so we decided to spend some time at this beautiful place by the beach, on the rocks.



We had the ENTIRE place to ourselves. We were by the sea, the sun was setting and I had the love of my life by my side. I thought I couldnt be happier or more at peace with life.

Suddenly, Naren’s photographer instincts took over,and he wanted to capture a picture of me gazing out into the horizon. He made me face out to the sea so that he could snap a picture from the back.

When he was ‘done with the photo’, I turned back to him, and there he was, on his knees, with the most beautiful ring ever.

The rest of what he said and did is a precious memory that I shall hold close to my heart. 🙂


And we are engaged!

The Actual Story

Sometime in Jan this year…

Naren tells G that he wants to propose to me overseas because I have always wanted it,  and gets him to plant the idea of Banyan Tree in my head.

He also gets my friend D, who is also getting married this year, to bring me around for HER wedding band shopping, and find out my ring size.

And from the start, he knew EXACTLY that he was going to Banyan Tree for his birthday and that he was going to propose to me there. He hid the whole thing from me, including the fact that he had the ring with him for almost 3 months! When the first trip fell through,  he knew he had to make it happen somehow, and hence the ‘day trip’ for dinner.

So much for me being a mastermind planner. 😉

I truly am blessed, to have a man who loves me more than I thought I could ever be loved. A man so thoughtful, so generous, so kind-hearted, so loving and so damn handsome.

I love you to the moon and back Narendaren.

“You were you,
and I was I;
we were two
before our time.

I was yours
before I knew,
and you have always 
been mine too.” -Lang Leav

Ps: My mom cant stop laughing at the fact that I told her a million times to not let slip to Naren about Bintan, when he actually had me from the start.


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