5 Reasons why you should date Indian Girls.

So, I read this article today.


I was so appalled and felt so incredibly sorry for the author. I mean, judging from the host of generalizations and insults strewn all over his article, it seems like all of the Indian girls he has known have been horrid. Plus, despite me being an Indian girl, and knowing countless other Indian girls, his vivd descriptions are so alien that I suspect he has probably met a grand total of like, 3 Indian girls in his lifetime? I just wish though that he wouldnt extrapolate his isolated experiences and use it to judge Indian girls as a whole.

So I felt like putting forth an alternative perspective of Indian women, though honestly, I think that ALL the amazing women I know, Indian or otherwise, are all of the below and more.

1) Indian girls are beautiful.

His first problem with Indian women is that we are unattractive and this baffles me. Forget actresses. Take a random, average Indian girl. Chances are, she has long fluttery lashes framing vivid, captivating eyes. She probably has a sharp nose (not me though. God gave me a mushroom for a nose. But that’s a story for another day), luscious curly locks and a healthy, dusky complexion. She might not have 6 packs, nor might she be perfectly toned, but she would have curves in all the right places. She might pack on the pounds after marriage, for whatever reason, but that in no way makes her any lesser of a woman, nor does it reduce her worth.

2) Indian girls are proud of their heritage.

The Indian diaspora is one of the most loyal. Regardless of how far from India they might be, or regardless of how strong or weak their roots are to India, Indian women in general are very proud to show off their culture and tradition, in every way possible. From the beautiful sarees we wear at every opportunity possible, to the Bindhis that always adorn our foreheads, to our never-ending love for thosais and briyani, to our deep-seated sentiments of filial piety, we are proud of our roots. While we keep up with the times,and are able to adapt to the increasingly westernised social context, we never mindlessly succumb to completely adopting a foreign way of life, and continue to hold our traditions close to our hearts.

3) Indian girls are resilient.

The author of the article seems to be under the impression that Indian households are female-dominated and matriarchal, thus not necessitating a culture of feminism. He fails to realise that though it might SEEM like traditionally, Indian women dominate the household, it is only because their entire life revolved around the household.

However, in reality, the dependence on their husbands for their financial needs, the need to get married in order to be deemed as respectable members of society, the need to conceive or risk being considered barren, being considered unlucky should her spouse pass on before her, all of these are issues that Indian girls have had to deal with for decades. So when a girl escapes these labels and stigmas, and carves a niche for herself, she ought to be lauded. While we dont quite have to deal with many of these issues living out of India, we still are subjected to a few, and are proud of our ability to deal with them.

4) We can be quite the anti-thesis of feminists.

We love to pamper the men in our lives and we make no apologies about it. We think that spoiling our men does not mean that we are subservient or in anyway inferior to them. Rather,we recognise that being women, we have a natural instinct to want to show love and care and who better to show it to than to our significant others.

5) Indian girls are intelligent.

Practically every Indian girl I know is smart, witty and charming. We carry ourselves well and have an amazing sense of humour to boot. What’s not to love really? And yes we love drama. But do you know how much of time and energy it takes to CREATE that much of drama? Some credit where its due please? 😉


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons why you should date Indian Girls.

  1. Hmm, you know what? The things you mentioned holds true for indian girls living in Singapore(tho i had to point out that it is biasedly written), who are entirely a different story. Return of Kings in talking about desi girls from North America.

    The Indian girls in Singapore probably rank below the the indian women you meet in Singapore and in India.


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