Mr Ganesan

It has been about 12 years since my father passed on. Though I have not stopped missing him over the years,the past few months have made me miss him so much more. My mother has been such an amazing mother AND father to us that I never had much to want for.

In the recent months however, for some reason, I have so many questions in my mind, about how different things would have been with him around.

The one person to whom my happiness mattered more than anything has missed out on so many milestones in my life and that is something I won’t ever be able to get over.

My father was a humble bus driver. I wish I could have seen the look on his face when I made it to uni.

It has been 8 years since I graduated and I have yet to go for a single graduation photoshoot. I wish he had been around, so that we could have taken a proper family photo.

Teaching is one of the professions he respected the most. I wish he could have seen me become a teacher.

He enjoyed good food and especially loved seafood. I wish I could have treated him to many a delicious meals.

I have met so many bullies in my life. I wish he could have been around to reassure me that I can handle them all, and that he’ll be there for me if all else fails.

He loved nature. I wish I could have gone travelling with him, and experience the wonders of the world together with him.

He was fiercely protective of me. I wish he had been around to protect me against every heartbreak I had to go through.

He wanted me to always be happy. I wish he had been around to meet the man who makes me the happiest I have ever been.

I was his little girl. I wish he had stuck around so that I could have always been his little girl.

You are very much missed Mr Ganesan.


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