Happiness is such a fleeting temptress. Alluring, captivating, addictive, but never permanent. In a bid to always try to make myself happy, so that I don’t end up being a miserable witch, I decided to list some of the things that make me so incredibly happy, and to remind myself of the simple joys in life.

1. Waking up a couple of hours before the alarm rings, and realising I get to go back to sleep.

2. Being tucked in bed with a cup of hot chocolate, listening to the sound of thunder and the beat of the rain against the window.

3. A perfect slice of rainbow cake.

4. Getting a seat on the bus at the end of a long day.

5. Winning an argument with the boyfriend 😉

6. Surprising my loved ones.

7. The couple of hours spent waiting eagerly at the airport, to board the plane for my holiday flight.

8. Taking a walk along the beach during dusk, smelling the salty sea air, listening to the waves crashing against the rocks, and having the wind completely mess up my hair.

9. Watching the sky turn 50 shades of beautiful during a sunset.

10. Laughing till tears roll down my eyes.

11. The last few hours of work on a Friday, or on the eve of a public holiday, when the atmosphere is that of sheer anticipation and everyone is unwinding.

12. Going to the temple when I am feeling extremely stressed and feeling the calmness wash over me.

13. Prata soaked in fish curry when I am starving.

14. Milo Dinosaur!

15. Hearing my loved ones laugh.

16. The smell of new books.

17. Listening to 80s songs and feeling all nostalgic.

18. Playing with babies and making them laugh.

19. Going on roller coaster rides, screaming my lungs out, refusing to ever go on one again, and then going again anyway.

20. The biggest, fattest bottle of Nutella all for myself! 🙂

This was SUCH a good idea. I already feel happy!

What makes YOU happy?


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