Tamil Movies in an Ideal World

I love watching movies, be it Tamil or English. I mostly watch movies for entertainment purposes and am not usually a major critique. However, I just watched a super crappy Tamil movie and it probably had all elements of many things I hate about some Tamil movies. So though I am fully aware that the entertainment industry is a profit-oriented one, and that at the end of the day, producers and directors care more about the bottom line that about sending out socially responsible messages, in an ideal world where money wasn’t a concern, this is what I hope would change about Tamil movies.

The subtle reinforcement of patriarchy. In many many many movies, heros who have no jobs, no sense of responsibility etc go after girls, and get angry when the girls do not reciprocate their feelings.The hero is then victimised and the girl is portrayed as a materialistic bitch. By the end of the movie, justice is served by ensuring that subsequently the girl ‘comes to her senses’ and falls in love with him. Why should a girl not be entitled to be with a guy who is smart, educated and responsible? At the very least, why is she a bitch for saying no? It would be nice if movies moved away from this idea that it is ok for a guy to be completely irresponsible and jobless, and yet still get the girl of his dreams.

What is also disturbing is how in the movies, the entire world revolves around the hero and heroine. The movie I saw today for instance, had a stupid guy and a stupid girl who were too stupid to confess their love for one another, and the stupid guy agreed to marry another innocent girl, and then when the stupid girl meets him on the eve of the wedding, they realise they love each other after all and the stupid guy calls off the wedding one hour before it is due to take place. End of the movie shows them making out and joking and laughing. Same goes for other movies where girl agrees to marry other random guys, only for hero to come in minutes before the wedding to call it off. If the other guy fights back, he is a villain, and if he magnanimously forgives them, he is allowed to be in the last scene of the movie where everyone happily poses for a photo. :/

I also cannot stand the insistence on songs and dance scenes in practically every movie. You’d have the protagonist involved in the very serious task concerning life or death, and the next thing you know, he is decked out in colourful garb and taking a break from saving the world, or atleast the village, to dance with the love of his life. I would enjoy a movie with a good plot just as much without songs and dance scenes, especially if they dont play any role in enhancing the movie.

Having ranted, I must acknowledge that Tamil movies have come a long long way because of brilliant actors like Kamal, Vikram, and the various (unknown) actors of smaller budget movies whose acting prowess goes unrecognised because they don’t appeal to the masses. These movies make it a point to break out of stereotypes and attempt to revolutionise the Tamil movie industry. Now, it’ll be perfect if more popular actors with mass appeal try to do the same too. But alas, $$$ 🙂



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