My name is Anastasia and my sister’s name is Drizella.

For decades, we have remained quiet about the accusations that have been hurled at us, and we have decided that enough is enough. We fully intend to present our side of the story and refute all allegations against us.

My sister and I have never been blessed in the looks department and since young, we have faced much discrimination because of this. With our plain features, prominent and crooked front teeth and more than a few extra pounds, it didn’t take much for our peers to label us as ugly and exclude us from all social events. The one man who treated us like princesses was our father, and with him around, the pain of being teased mercilessly miraculously disappeared. The happiness we felt with our father around came to an abrupt end one day when he passed on from a severe bout of pneumonia.

Our hearts heavy with grief, we tried our best to move on with our lives. Our mother in particular found it difficult to overcome the loss, for she had gotten extremely used to the attention my father lavished on her. A few years passed, and life in the household got increasingly gloomy as we found it harder and harder to ignore the mockery and snide comments passed about our looks. With our father no longer around, and our mother too overwhelmed by her own demons, we lost all hope.

However, things were to get worse, for one day, my mother suddenly had a twinkle in her eyes, and seemed to have revived the spark she had been missing for so long. She invited the reason for her happiness over to the house for dinner one day, and we spent the whole dinner in disbelief that she had moved on from our dear father, with the handsome man seated before us.

Before long, she married him, and we were asked to move in with him and his daughter.

His daughter, Ella. If we had been miserable before, her presence made life downright unbearable. She was beautiful, with her flowing honey blonde hair, and vivid blue eyes that captured the hearts of everyone who saw her. It didn’t help that she was the apple of her father’s eye, and it tore us apart to realise that our father was never going to be around for us ever again.


We did our best to stay out of her way, and the years we flew by. We often tried to earn our keep by doing what little housework we could do. However Ella was a perfectionist, and instead preferred to do all of the work on her own. We were so annoyed that we started to call her Cinderella, after seeing her scrub the cinders one day, even though we had already spent hours doing it. She also had a nasty habit of abusing animals and getting them to do work for her.


Now my sister Drizella had a weakness. She was hopelessly in love with the Prince of the Kingdom, and wanted more than anything to marry him. Though deep down we knew he would never give her a second glance, this was the one hope she held close to her heart.


One fine day, it seemed like her hope had a chance of becoming reality, for the king had invited all the girls in the Kingdom to a ball so that his son could find his bride.

We were incredibly excited, and couldn’t wait to look our best for the night. I was so happy that my sister finally had a chance to win the heart of the man of her dreams.

We were also secretly pleased that Cinderella had not been given an invitation, for it was one less competitor for Drizella. However, this was not to be, for Cinderella somehow managed to get a ticket for the ball from this really dodgy looking lady she met in the back alley.


She dressed up to the nines for the ball, her heavily made up face making her look beyond glamorous, putting us both to shame.

Cinderella img-thing

She spent the whole ball monopolising the attention of the prince, and refusing to let anyone near him.


And when despite her best attempts, the prince didn’t ask her for her number, she actually was manipulative and cunning enough to purposely leave her glass slippers behind.


And when the prince was kind-hearted to come over to return her his slippers, she threatened to hit him with the slippers if he didn’t marry her.

The prince spent a few seconds thinking about his possible fate…

tumblr_m72l8aQqPq1rogz7go2_r1_500And decided to marry her.

Just like that, my sister lost the love of her life.

We would like to urge everyone to remember that there are always 2 sides to the story, and to never blindly believe everything that the media tells you.


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