Why him?

In the 10 odd years since I started dating, I have met Mr Asshole, Mr Whine bag, Mr Stingy, Mr Liar, Mr Cheat, Mr Neurotic, Mr Douche bag and various other engaging individuals. To be fair, I have also met some really amazing guys, but somehow, it never really worked out. I don’t have to think too much about why, because these nice guys are all right now happily married to the love of their lives, and that speaks for itself.

So how did I know that Mr N was THE ONE? Honestly, I still don’t know if he is THE ONE, and I don’t know how one can actually come to that conclusion, but that no longer matters, because I really WANT him to be the one.

I don’t think I have spoken much about our first date to anyone, including my closest friends, but that could be because I still am finding the right words to articulate what a different experience it was from my usual dates.

Firstly, he was himself. He actually gave me THE FACE the moment I got into his car because I was a few minutes late. That grumpy, I wish I could punch you, face. I was actually terrified. There was none of that ‘I am pissed but its our first date so I will pretend to be Mr Charming’ crap.

There were NO mind games whatsoever. He liked me from the first time we met (despite my supposed lack of punctuality), and he made it very clear. He had already started making plans for the second date before the first was even over.

He made me feel beautiful, interesting and comfortable. I was so reassured by his presence, and his actions, that I actually asked to extend the date by inviting him for a movie. I have NEVER ever done this ever before, because I am usually too busy trying read signals and figure out if the guy is going to call me back, or whether he was going to drag me into a corner and murder me.

And as much as I was afraid, worried and to a certain extent unwilling to bring things to the next level, I found myself agreeing to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th…dates.

And on the 6th date, on the 4th of November, he finally asked me to be with him, in the most romantic setting possible – while we were watching Ouija. Why romantic? Because come on, the movie was so insanely stupid, and mind-numbing, that he willingly sacrificed his freedom and single hood to make the movie memorable and to prevent further destruction of my brain cells. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

Also, guess who else got into a relationship during a movie?


I ALWAYS knew Sheldon and I were kindred spirits 😉


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